A combination of herbal oils to bring out a healthy glow internally and externally

Health Benefits:


Sea Buckthorn Berry:
- Promotes liver health and protects against damage caused by both alcoholic and non alcoholic liver problems
- Promotes positive heart function
- If applied topically, this is one of natures best remedies for skin health. 
- Helps relieve eczema, dark circles, and severe acne

Prickly Pear Seed Oil:
- Provides radiant skin glow and protection against skin disease
- Removes dark circles from under the eye
- Is non-oily And is rich in vitamins 
- If ingested internally, provides protection against liver 
Cellular Hair Food:
- Helps to regenerate weakened hair follicles
- Promotes healthy hair growth and shine
- Protects against dryness of scalp and nourishes it with nutrients 

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