Farmacy For Life’s latest DEEP SLEEP bundle consists of our DREAMZ blend alongside SOURSOP LEAF. The combination of the 2 if taken every night 30-60 minutes before bedtime can help your body go into a state of relaxation allowing you to get a restful sleep, while oxygenating your cells and healing your body at the same time.



Take 1-2 capsules 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Our Farmacy blend consists of Magnesium Bis-Glycinate, Valerian Root, St. John’s Wort and Hops. All ingredients are certified organic and have went through multiple rounds of testing for efficacy.


Treats insomnia

Relaxes the mind and body

Reduces symptoms of anxiety/depression

Can help reduce ADHD symptoms/ mood swings

Promotes bone health

May help with migraines/headaches at night



Take 1-2 capsules 30-60 minutes before bedtime

Soursop is a fruit that originates from the forests of the Caribbean, South America, Africa and South East Asia. Among the beneficial parts of the Soursop tree are its leaves.

Health Benefits:

- Helps oxygenate your cells helping create an environment in your body where disease is less likely to prosper
-One Of natures best remedies for Diabetes. Helps to stabilize blood sugar levels if taken everyday
- Helps clear airways/passageways for oxygen to pass through cells, promotes relaxed breathing
-Helps relieve fever and parasitic symptoms, as well as hypertension 
-Used as a sedative as well to help promote better sleep
-Most famous for its powerful anti-cancer properties, though more official medical research is needed


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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